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Guild Wars Monk Build
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GW Monk Build, Guild Wars Monk Build

A Guild Wars Monk Build is a combination of skills and attributes. The Monks heal and protect their group and also strike their opponents with holy damage. They play a different role than the other professions since their capabilities are focused on healing, and the other profession skills are centered on fighting and defense.

The Guild Wars Monk’s main attribute is Divine Favor, and the other three are Protection Prayers, Healing Prayers and Smiting Prayers. It is extremely important to have the correct combination of attributes and skills to create the most beneficial Guild Wars Monk Build.

You’ll also need to select a secondary profession to complete your GW Monk Build. It is crucial that select a profession whose attributes and skills will enhance your Guild Wars Monk Build and not work against it. When you’re out in the battlefield, your groups’ lives may depend on you, so it’s up to you to select the most beneficial Guild Wars Monk Build that works the best with the particular enemy attacking you. If you select the wrong combination, your character will be useless and the results could be disastrous.

If you need assistance with creating effective Guild Wars Monk Builds then click on the link below. You can get access to the absolute best and most beneficial Monk Builds available! You can also get access to the latest information, Tips, Tricks, and Hints to assist you with created the most effective Monk Build.

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