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GW Assassin Profession, Guild Wars Assassin Profession

The Guild Wars Assassin is a profession for those who wish to play with martial skills as an art of life and death. A GW Assassin is useful for melee harassing damage, using a chain of combo skills dealing big and fast damage to enemies. Avoiding an Assassin can be hard when you are a caster. With some teleportation skills, runner skills and avoiding skills, the Assassin is hard to stop.


With low armour, the GuildWars Assassin is the most fragile melee combatant in the game. The Assassin is especially affected with condition and hex, so a player with an Assassin typically needs a monk that will remove those harassment skills from enemies, as a Guild Wars Assassin with conditions or hex, is useless in a group. The Assassin can be the first target in PvP because he is easy to kill.


Like the Warrior, the Assassin relies on Mastery of Weapons. However, the Assassin relies more on intellectual advances of the combatant, than a pure tank (the warrior). The Assassin is using combo to make damage. One left, one right. He is also using stance to defence himself from front line damages. The Guild Wars Assassin is a great melee damage dealer, but needs to be played with intelligence and should never tank, should never aggro first but wait until everyone attacks first, watch its target, stalk like a tiger and surprise its target with a swift kill.

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