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  GW Guild Wars Elementalist Profession  

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GW Elementalist Profession, Guild Wars Elementalist Profession

The Guild Wars Elementalist is a high damage dealer profession from the behind line. He commands the four elements forces: Water, Fire, Earth and Air. An Elementalist can inflict more damage in a single strike than any other profession and prefers to combine two or three element, and some want to focus on one element. Some people call the Elementalist, the master of destruction, and it’s not for nothing...


The GuildWars Elementalist is able to deal single target damage, but also area of effect damage. Elementalists are perhaps one of the weakest classes defensively, with their low armour and low heal point. Being an Elementalist requires concentration for targeting the good foes, but also being capable of backing up when need be. With a large amount of big casting time skill, the Elementalist can be interrupted easily.

With there energy storage ability, the Guild Wars Elementalist can deal more damage with more combo skill. Also, the Elementalist should change is build in different area. For example, on the Fire Island, you should equip water skill. The opposing element always does more damage versus foes. 

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