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GW Monk Profession, Guild Wars Monk Profession

Playing the Guild Wars Monk profession fulfills a different role in a party than the other professions. When you’re the monk in a group, you have many possibilities in the way to keep alive party members. With their protective and healings skills, the GW Monk is certainly the most wanted profession when is time to do PvP and PvE. Finding a group is easy when you are a Monk in Guild Wars. Also, the Monk is able to deal damage with his smiting abilities. The damage from a smiting Monk is called holy damage.


For some persons, playing a Monk is boring. For them, targeting allies members, pressing a healing skill and so on, it’s not fun and become uninteresting after some hours of playing. But, being a GuildWars Monk can be fun when you know wrath a Monk is capable to do. Some Guild Wars users underestimate the truly power of the Monk.  The complexity of being a Monk is researched by some players. A good Monk should know the fastest way to heal team mates. The fastest a Monk react, the more he is good. He can help himself with the keyboard shortcuts.


A good Guild Wars Monk is also capable to self-sufficiency in conserving energy. Most of the Monk skill have a high energy cost, so the Monk have to find a way to manage is energy. A Monk without energy is not a Monk...

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