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  GW Guild Wars Ranger Profession  

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GW Ranger Profession, Guild Wars Ranger Profession

 As a child of the nature the Guild Wars Ranger is a very powerful range attacker. Depending on the bow and skill, he can hit people from different distances. Used for damage or interruption, they have the possibility to use spirits, pet, traps, bows and arrows to attack their oppenents.Ally of the nature, the Ranger can aslo defend is own team, with spirits and traps, depending on the way he uses them.


Some group will ask for an interrupt Ranger in GuildWars missions. Interrupt ranger are very useful versus boss, interrupting an important skill from an opponant is the key in a lot of missions. Also combined with conditions GW Ranger, the Ranger can be a pain for the enemies. Blinding, crippling are the most commun condition used.


There is also the trapper Guild Wars Ranger. The trapper Ranger may use traps to defend their own casters in PvP. He can also exploit several areas in Guildwars with a trapper team.Combined with nature ritual, the trapper Ranger can harrass the oppenent team dealing more damage, shooting faster and more.


Don’t forget that the GW Ranger is a range master, dealing range damage, with poor armor. He might need to defend himself with some skills, and aslo he can heal himself. When a ennemis target the ranger, the ranger still able to run out of the battle, and get in a safe place. The Ranger is a powerful profession.

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