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GW Ritualist Profession, Guild Wars Ritualist Profession

The GW Ritualist is one of two new classes that are available with Guild Wars Factions. The GuildWars Ritualist Profession has a deep connection with the spiritual world and defeats enemies and protects itself by using weapon spells, bound spirits and the ashes of the dead. 


The Guild Wars Ritualists call upon spirits from the after life to attack their enemies and cast spells to assist their companions. With their capability to communicate and summon assistance from spirits, the GW Ritualists are extremely deadly in the battle field. They can also heal and strengthen their allies with their restorative magic, which make them a great contribution to their group. 

With the Guild Wars Ritualist’s spawning powers and their ability to inflict spiritual harm on their enemies, its no wonder a lot of people choose the GuildWars Ritualist as their profession. With a Ritulaists Profession by your side and with their amazing capabilities and skills such as restorative and offensive magic, you’ll be playing with a more powerful group that will not be defeated easily!

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