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  GW Guild Wars Warrior Profession  

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GW Warrior Profession, Guild Wars Warrior Profession

 The primary attribute for a Guild Wars warrior is Strength. Strength increases the chance to pierce an opponent’s armour, dealing more damage. Also, many melee skills are related to strength. A build with a lot of strength mean that this build will deal more damage, but wouldn’t defend as much as a stance warrior. A stance warrior is able to heal himself and defend their own team.


A Guild Wars warrior can use sword, axe or hammer, depending on there skills, the area and the team... In GuildWars, the warrior does not have a lot of manna, but, most of warrior skill use adrenaline. You gain adrenaline when you attack, and receive damage and you lost adrenaline when you stop attacking and stop being attacked. Some GW Warriors prefer to be all adrenaline; other prefers to mix their skills. Remember that the Warrior have 20 energy max (without upgrade) and +2 energy recovery.


If you chose to be a Warrior in Guild Wars, you should be ready to be the first one into the fight line. A Warrior should always protect the casters of their team, but also be great damage maker. With there massive protection armour plus a possibility to upgrade their arm or with a superior absorption rune, the GW Warrior is certainly the most defended when entering into melee battle in GuildWars.

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