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GW Elite, Guild Wars Elite

For every basic weapon, armor or skill in Guild Wars, there is an elite version that is much more powerful. However, it is not simple to get your GW elite skills, and it will take a lot of time to gain them as you progress through the game. If you are unfamiliar with the Guild Wars elite add-ons, let's take a quick look at how they can improve your game performance.

GW elite skills are available that are grouped by profession. They can be used in conjunction with basic skills, but you cannot have more than one Guild War elite skill in your skill bar. The GW elite skills vary but include the Elite shout, which allows allies within earshot to move towards you at 33% faster than normal. This is very useful if you are stuck and need help quickly. The Guild War elite enchantment skill will allow you to gain an extra energy point for ten seconds on every enchantment that you already have.

The GW elite bow attack allows you to hit an enemy with a crippling shot, crippling them for eight seconds. As an added bonus, this shot cannot be blocked. One of the most popular elite skills is the Guild War elite trap. When using this skill, you need to be near a spike trap. All nearby foes are struck and crippled for up to 25 seconds. You can start benefiting from these elite skills right away with the use of special techniques that bypass the usual tedious process of earning them.

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