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GW Green, Guild Wars Green

There are many different kinds of items within this game, and they will each have a classification assigned to a different color. Guild Wars green items are considered to be the most rare, while white usually indicates that is more common. As with all games, finding GW green items is not going to be easy and will take quite a bit of skill. It's easy to spend hours in search of Guild Wars green items, especially if you don't know where to look. However, there are guides that can help you quickly locate what you are looking for, saving you hours of time.

There are also GW green weapons that are more powerful than the other weapons available in this game. They are the most highly sought after weapons, simply because the GW green ones inflict more damage and are much harder to find. In order to obtain a Guild Wars green weapon, you'll have to either pick it up off of a boss as loot, or exchange specific items to collectors who are willing to part with one.

The items that they will want to trade for are known as GW green collector items and include the Amulet of the Mists, the Book of Secrets, Ambrace of Truth and Droknar's Key. You can also get Guild Wars green armor upgrades that can help you build a more powerful character that is able to withstand more attacks and be more useful to your guild. These can only be obtained by completing specific quests successfully.

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