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GW Nightfall, Guild Wars Nightfall

Guild Wars Nightfall is the third stand-alone campaign in the Guild Wars MMORPG. You can get Nightfall even if you do not have other versions of the game such as regular Guild Wars or the first expansion, Eye of the North. GW Nightfall released officially on October 27, 2007 and takes place on the continent of Elona in the Guild Wars universe. You may already be somewhat familiar with it if you played other versions of Guild Wars but if not, it is easy to learn the world. In the GW Nightfall campaign, it follows your character as you join the Order of the Sunspears and you will uncover the mission of Warmarshal Varesh.

Guild Wars Nightfall is a continuation of the Guild Wars franchise. It follows the same gameplay principles of the original Guild Wars. Previous versions of Guild Wars feature a balance between PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) gameplay but Nightfall, you see more of a PvE-only oriented end-game. In Nightfall, you can also choose from a variety of professions. The maximum level for all characters is 20, just like in other versions of Guild Wars.

Guild Wars Nightfall also features heroes like in previous campaigns. These are NPC (non-player-characters) that can join your party and fight for you/ with you. These NPC Henchmen are bots that are similar to the henchmen from previous campaigns but they can be customized. You can select skills, armor, upgrades and weapons for your heroes. To a certain degree you can even have some control over your heroes and what they do in battle.

GW Nightfall also adds new PvE-only skills that were not previously available in GW campaigns. You can gain ranks in titles which will open certain skills for you. As you level up these skills, your rank will level as wel. PvE has been expanded to include additional chapters in GW Nightfall. Mission structure has also changed some from earlier versions of Guild Wars.

Whether you’re a past fan of Guild Wars or someone just looking to check the game out, you can get the stand-alone MMORPG Nightfall and start playing immediately. There are no monthly fees for you to play Nightfall so you can enjoy it without the hassles of a subscription.

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